Return on Investment by Design!

    Not just a catch phrase. At Forsspac good design is a given, its how we integrate with customer need and available resources that makes the difference to your balance sheet value.

    Our belief is that each and every design must be fully coordinated spatially and technically and that includes working with all project stakeholders. To ensure that we live up to our ideals we always deploy our tried and tested inclusive design processes, combined with the very latest 3D modelling / 2D drafting software.

    Capital costs are controlled when good design, intelligent thinking and professional management are implemented from concept to building handover. 

    Lifetime  revenue costs are controlled by ensuring that all systems are properly commissioned and balanced (T&C / TAB).  Our unique Integrated System Turnover (ISTO) procedures ensure that no stone is left unturned.

    Consign costly change orders to the past. Engage with us now in the journey to enhanced ROI.


    Phil Thoburn



    Over the years we have built up a large library of projects that we have worked on from which we have selected a number of projects for you to read in the form of case studies. 

    Please use the above buttons to select your area of interest to reveal the selected case studies.

    A full company profile listing the majority of our past projects is available upon request.

    Our services have been in continual development since 1988 when at that time our founding company Forssman Ltd based in Hong Kong started using 2D technology to produce drawings.

    The company moved to Manila in 1996 as Forssman Pacific Corporation and within a few years started using 3D technology which then developed into the full Building Information Modeling approach successfully deployed on the City of Dreams (Macau) project.

    In 2010 the company responded to the global recession by focusing on three key business areas and renaming the company Forsspac thereby emphasis the new direction.

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    MEPF - Solaire

    “Professional, dedicated, solution providers, cost aware on behalf of owner, always deliver. These are just some of the attributes I can endorse for the management and engineering teams at Forsspac. MEPF Design consultancy specialists and Testing and Commissioning professional engineering teams continue working with us on high end complex projects here in the Philippines. I can recommend the Forsspac group for any project, big or small here in the Philippines. They will be a valued addition to any team of consultants.”

    Cecilia Ravelas, Project Director D’consult International Incorporated

    MEPF Management - Midas Casino/Hotel

    “Working with the Forsspac management group, and their engineers on site is a pleasure. They are dedicated, professional and resolve technical engineering issues as they arise quickly and cost effectively. We are continuing with their services as we progress forward on the completion of the Midas Hotel renovation. I can recommend their services for any project.”

    Jasmin Recinto, Operations Manager, Sunwest Group of Companies/Midas Hotel

    T&C - AG Araja

    “ Has been very efficient and supportive in all our concerns, providing us with insightful recommendations to maximize our investments. I appreciate more importantly, the after sales provided where they have been prompt in our queries and technical support. The investment we have made acquiring their services has been very cost efficient.” 

    Redentor Garcia President AG Araja Construction and Development Corp.



    T&C Management (CxM)

    T&C Management (CxM) is a vital process if you want to make sure that your building systems work as planned and that running costs remain within budget.

    T&C Management (CxM)

    M&E Coordination

    Coordination is right at the heart of getting cost and time overruns under control.

    M&E Coordination

    Commissioning Authority (CxA)

    When engaging a CxA there are a lot of options that need to be considered.

    Commissioning Authority (CxA) Options

    Detail Design

    Now all the final 3D models, specifications and plans are produced which may also include permit sets.

    Detail Design

    Schematic Design

    During the schematic design phase we take the concept design / BOD and start to fill in the final details

    Schematic Design

    Concept Design

    A concept design report that fully defines the basis of design (BOD) is a vital step in making sure that your building meets your expectations.

    Concept Design

    Return on Investment by Design!

    Good design and design processes are not a cost to your business. They are an investment from which you can get a great return.

    Forsspac Return On Investment


    Latest News

    29/09/2014 - BCxA

    Forsspac is please to announce that it is now a Corporate Member of the Building Commissioning Association (BCxA).

    Since 2000 Forsspac has been developing its Test and Commissioning capability and we are now one of the largest T&C service providers within the Pacific Rim area operating from our home base in the Philippines.

    Currently working on Solaire Phase 1a, City of Dreams (Manila), Ichthys modular gas production units plus many other prestigious projects.

    25/06/2014 - ISO 9001:2008

    Just to let you all know that our Certificate number is AJA14.0799

    18/06/2014 - ISO 9001:2008

    Forsspac is pleased to announce that it has regained its ISO 9001:2008 status follow a successful stage 2 audit carried out by AJA Registrar's.

    Tess, our QMS, was recently thanked by the Directors for all her good work in helping the company achieve this goal. The Directors also thanked the employees for their contribution to this great outcome.

    21/05/2014 - ISO 9001:2008

    Forsspac is pleased to announce that it has just started it's stage 2 audit by AJA Registrars on the road to re-instating its certification status.

    During recent years Forsspac had allowed its certification to lapse due to poor customer demand for this level of regulatory attainment. 

    However, Forsspac recently won a large contract encompassing project and testing & commissioning management, one of the award criteria was formal compliance to ISO 9001:2008.

    Forsspac is also seeing a significant upturn in international enquiries as the recovery from the recent worldwide recession gathers pace.


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